Out Of The Ordinary


Do you hear that? It’s something out of the ordinary. It’s something special, and it’s coming to Westlock. It’s the Out of the Ordinary Show, April 7th at Westlock Memorial Hall. It’s a full day of unique looks, ideas, and services to make any occasion out of the ordinary. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – the ordinary, done better. If you’re a registered bride, enter below for an out-of-the-ordinary swag bag! The Out of the Ordinary Show, April 7th from 10 to 5 at the Westlock Memorial Hall. Hosted by Real Country in Westlock!

Hey Vendors! Looking for something out of the ordinary? Sign up today to be a vendor at the Out of the Ordinary show at Westlock Memorial hall on April 7th! Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, the works! Interested? Email Rebecca Jemmett (rjemmett@newcap.ca) or Rose Christenson (rchristenson@newcap.ca)


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